Jenny Lind Diabetes Team

NNUH Diabetes Team Update - Spring 2019

I started as a consultant with the Diabetes Team NNUHFT in Norwich in September 2018 and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the incredibly warm welcome you have given to me. The whole team appreciates the support the NDDYG offers, not only to all of the young people and their families with Type 1 diabetes in our care, but also to us as clinicians supporting them.

Everyone knows that the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is daunting; being able to put young people in touch with people of their own age and similarly affected families has a real positive impact. I understand from the NDDYG that they are in need of new committee members to enable them to continue their good work, please if you are reading this and think you may be able to join the team DO!

We have lots of exciting developments in the Diabetes Team. We are rolling out a new patient education program later this year with some really lovely resources to support learning according to key stage ability. We are introducing pre-clinic questionnaires to ensure that we cover what you want to talk about in your appointments. We are hoping that more and more of you will help us to keep to time in clinic by uploading your meter/pump/pod to Diasend before clinic. Whilst we continue to measure HbA1C we are also talking about time in target (4-7mmol/L) as we know that with more time in target long term outcomes are improved.

We are hoping to start some young people on partial closed loop pumps this year; these have been shown to significantly increase time in target. Please feedback on the service we provide via the national anonymised PREM survey. We are going to use the IPADS you kindly donated to enable you to fill the survey whilst waiting to see us in clinic. You can also fill it in at home at

Emma Webb
Consultant - Diabetes Team NNUHFT
President NDDYG